PULP has established 4 permanent base camps in 4 influential sport world areas.

Thanks to our dedicated mentors on sites, we facilitate the selected company to address key accounts, to meet with potential partners and investors, to test their products on the local playgrounds.

Accueil / Camps de base


As the head-quarter of PULP in Aix-Marseille area, the South Region has become the main base camp

Thanks to the largest outdoor sport playgrounds in Europe, offering sea, lakes, rivers, and mountains to express sport practices and to leverage sport innovations among clubs, federations and local communities.

Accueil / Camps de base


Established in the countryside of Montpellier area.

PULP is proud to be in one of the most competitive région of France, with State of the Art Sport infrastructures ans équipements.

Accueil / Camps de base


QATAR made of sport an exceptional leverage of influence, performance and innovation in the world.

Thanks to the vision 2030 which translates the ambition to place SPORT at the core of tourism, economic development, social responsaibility and environment issues. Pulp aims to source and to accompagny french companies in the ASPIRE environement in order to test, to research, to train and to innovate.

Accueil / Camps de base


Seattle is a leading city in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

Pulp aims to source and accelerate companies from both sides mainly in the field of wellness.