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Engage with a promising and/ or accomplished Sports athlete.

On one side, you have an entrepreneur, who is engaged in an exciting venture surrounding an innovative project and on the other, you have a young athlete who’s dream it is to one day step onto the podium. Two destinies are called upon to triumph in their respective fields through the reciprocal support and engagement.

Fabien Gilot, olympic champion of swimming, five times world champion and four times european champion.

PULP does everything as possible to identify the right sport profile who could fit the best to the entrepreneurship venture, through “The Teamate Agreement”, a written commitment that fix the mutual services between them.

Fabien Gilot /

Olympic swimming champion
Sponsor of the program [TA]


Science of leadership / Psychology / Sport Evangeliseur

Marc Thiercelin /

Draftsman, Skipper and Company Manager


High Performance Sport / Innovation / Entrepreneurship / Corporate Coaching

Jean-Paul Coche /

Olympic medal-holder of Judo, O.G. Munich 1972


Associate professor of sport / Talents scouter / Mental coach