24 November 2020

The targeted action program for any company wishing to develop in Qatar.

  • The ASPIRE accelerator joins forces with PULP to source innovative companies in the field of sport.
  • KALYA, startup specialized in health and benchmark structure in the field of non-drug therapies, selected among more than 500 companies for the WISH program (global healthcare community dedicated to the capture and dissemination of best ideas and based practices on evidence).
  • ICSS, Doha-based national sports safety agency, joins PULP for global conference on sports safety
A new branding regarding the French & Qatar friendship

ICSS, an independent Qatari agency specializing in security-­‐related questions in the sports industry, engages alongside PULP Accelerator 100% SPORT, in creating the first HUB ESPORT in the South-­‐Europe / Mediterranean area.

Mohammed Hanzab (Founder of ICSS) and Pierre Distinguin (Founder of PULP 100% SPORT) introduced the debates, followed by Hervé Liberman (President of le Comité Régional Olympique and Director of sports in the Aix – Marseille metropolis), Jean Francois Masse (intervening lawyer and e-­‐sport influencer), Romain Sombret (Founder of Mon Club Esport) and Andrew Cooke (International Director of ICSS). The objective was to associate both public and private actors, prominent groups and startups, scientifics and academics, professional and athletic associations-­‐ the key for us was permitting a common fluency in the field, to more effectively reach goals and objectives that were shared among each of us.

The participants included: Race Clutch, My Coach, Centurio, Free Couch4Fans, ESP Consulting, le Z5, le groupe Orange, Sodexo, La Poste, l’Olympique de Marseille, Le Crédit agricole, EY, le Conseil Régional Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, risingSUD, Provence Promotionla Métropole Aix/ Marseille, la Chambre de Commerce et Industrie de Marseille Provence, la Chambre de Commerce et Industrie d’Arles, la ville d’Aix en Provence, La ville de Marseille l’université Aix Marseille, La ville d’Arles, Kedge BS, Aix Marseille French Tech, Medinsoft, le Pôle mondial Smart Communicating Solutions.

By the end of that morning, a MOU (memorandum of understanding) was reached, signed between PULP accelerator 100% SPORTS and ICSS, to create the general conditions necessary for a healthy and scalable growth, defining a primary intention of elaborating the HUB’s esport mission statement.


By signing this partnership agreement, PULP and ICSS commit to bring solutions regarding security-­‐related questions, to further allow a durable and steady growth of e-­‐sports in the Région Sud (South of France region), and in particular in the Aix – Marseille Region, with the primary objective among these actors of becoming the e-­‐sport Hub of the South Europe & Mediterranean area.

ICSS’s 10 years of experience in security, integrity, and governance in the sports industry alongside multiple international organizations (Comités Olympiques, fédérations internationales, UNESCO, ONU, UNICEF, HARVARD Business School…) will help the South-­‐ region actors build a flexible and secure work environment, with the primary purpose of facilitating the comprehension, trust, and therefore adoption, of e-­‐sports in the eyes of parents, clubs, private/public enterprises, and associations.

In becoming the region’s first to carry out a project of this nature, Aix-­‐Marseille will benefit from a well-­‐proven methodology, a strategic expertise, and international attention / communication. PULP has committed itself to a mutual relationship with ICSS to create the groundwork necessary for a steady and durable growth of e-­‐sports, with a focus on security. ICSS and PULP will return 3 times every year at TheCamp in Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence, and deliberate on:
The formation, governance, human integrity, social and societal responsibility.
PULP and ICSS have made it their primary objective to focus and make security the differentiating success factor in the Digital Sports industry in Aix-­‐Marseille.

The Région Sud PACA (South Region, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur), keep in mind, is among the top regions in terms of attractiveness in France, bringing over 30 million visitors in a given year. Without a doubt, the promotion of e-­‐sports will become a new and effective leverage tool to further this regional attractivity.


E-sports, an industry experiencing incredible growth over the past several years (generating an estimated $4.5 billion according to Deloitte’s 2019 report), is ceasing to expand, reaching and inspiring the youth, and directly influencing societies across the globe.

In France, the number of initiatives in regards to this discipline reflects the international frenzy surrounding the e-­‐sports universe, driven mainly by private enterprises or clubs, inventing or reinventing the existing models which defined sports as we knew them 10 years ago.

At the same time, questions concerning how we are to overcome the obstacles we are starting to see manifest, notably doping, human integrity, and informational pirating / hacking, have become more and more legitimate as we become more and more enveloped by this new era of sports-­‐digitalization.


PULP Accelerator 100% SPORT is a private agency providing strategic consulting services serving the sports industry solely, on the basis of two principal objectives:

  • Creating ecosystems to accompany sports to various territories
  • Accelerate startups in the sports/well-­‐being/leisure industries
ICSS (International Center for Sport & Securité)

ICSS is an independent agency founded in Qatar in 2010, who’s mission is to bring durable solutions surrounding security in the sports industry (governance, integrity, transparence, business model…).

In accordance with some of the largest international organisms such as UNESCO, ONU, UNICEF, OECD, the Harvard School, International Olympic Committees, various International Sports Federations, and large global enterprises in the sports industry, ICSS elaborates on creating better work environments, consults on the best world-wide practices, undergoes regional initiatives, promotes specialized events, forges networks of international and national actors…


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