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Jean-Daniel Beurnier /

Founder and President of Avenir Telecom

Jean-Daniel Beurnier is Founder and President of Avenir Telecom, a well known IT company based in Marseille since 1989.

Avenir Telecom has received several distinguished awards whose the title of Manager of the year in 1999 by the Nouvel Economist and “most innovative and design company in 2014” at the Consumer Electronic Show of Las Vegas.

As Vice Président of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille and French Adviser for Export, he was involved in the digital and sport clusters.

Jean-Daniel Beurnier is an intensive Cycling and Scuba diving practicer.
He got the honnor to held the olympic flame at the Olympic Games of Pekin in 2008.


Internet of things / Entrepreneurships networks / Cycling

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