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PULP was born from a vision shared by a shareholders team and associated experts, all of them beeing very experienced in fields of economic attractiveness, sport and marketing events, sport equipments, wellness and quality of life, sport legal issues, internet of things and digital, virtual reality, esport and augmented sport, entertainment and leisures.

PULP is set at the convergence of all Sport issues : Professional sports, Sport events, Social responsibility, sport innovation, Sport and health.

PULP accelerates the Start up and design design indoor and outdoor sport ecosystems.


Pierre Distinguin /

Expert in Areas attractiveness / Founder of PULP

Jean-Daniel Beurnier /

Serial entrepreneur in IT/ Founder of Avenir Telecom

Sylvain Coulange /

Director of private & public partnership at Sodexo

Laurent Courbon /

Professional in Sport events / Founder of Carma Sport

Cedric Dufoix /

Director of Public partnerships of Grand Prix de France, Le Castelet, Sport influencer

Jean Laurent Bocquillon /

Regional Director of the world largest Distribution Sport company


Bérengère Arnold /

Business development and marketing director at Jaguar Network

Pierre Vollaire /

Maire des Orres et co-founder of SCS cluster

Sofiane Ammar /

Managing director thecamp Accelerator

Nicolas Ivaldi, Laurent-Attilio Sciacqua /

Associés EY Ventury

Arno Hermanns /

Co-founder of SportXperience