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SOUTH Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region offers an incomparable wealth of sporting playgrounds: sea, mountains, lakes, rivers, and parks. The prospect of the Olympics 2024 in France gives us an exceptional opportunity to upgrade our infrastructure and equipment, deliver new services and structure sports and leisure ecosystems in all its sustainable and societal dimensions.

The INTHELOOP project is an experimental project labeled Smart Tourism by the SOUTH REGION, it is carried by PULP regional accelerator 100% SPORT associated with two reference partners: Orange and CarmaSport.


  • Identify and qualify the sites of sports practices in the region that meet (or wish to respond) to quantitative indicators (flows of practitioners), qualitative (level of services) and radiation (image). INTHELOOP wants to make digital, the thread of the project on these three levels of indicators.
  • Make recommendations of strategic order, to make the site more attractive and differentiating, capture new flows or retain the existing, propose new content, convince private and public partners to invest by your side, evaluate and measure the impacts, etc …
  • Formulate and synthesize your needs on a digital platform and create a “Marketplace”, which identifies and highlights actors who can accompany you in the implementation phase.

INTHELOOP is a service offering designed and built by PULP, co-funded by the SUD Region, to allow about fifteen sites to enter the “winning loop” of Smart Sport.